Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cheese, Glorious Cheese

Behold the power of cheese.

I love cheese. Simply put cheese is my manna from heaven. Consider the versatility. Cheese can be a starter, entree, or a desert, a centerpiece of a dish, or a supporting character. It can be mild, bold or Limburger.

I saw something tonight that blew my mind right out of my cheese head.

(Note: While not technically or geographically an actual cheese head, I did grow up less than 45 minutes from Wisconsin.)

This was even better than the block of Bacon Cheese that barely lasted 24 hours in our fridge.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present...

Pimento Cheese Fritters.

These glorious balls of molten joy are the brain child of Andy Badgett, Executive Chef, and Proprietor of "Relish" Restaurant in Atlanta GA.

So simple... So gooey... So good.

Road Trip?


  1. Look like awesome cheese curds to me!

  2. Check out the Fried Cheese Melt at Denny's...classic grilled cheese with fried mozzarella sticks in between the bread too. Looks delicious but I'm afraid of a cholesterol of 7000 or I'd try it lol